cropped-PGS-logo_3D-2.jpgWe’re re-branding as “Project Green Schools!”

“Wait.. hasn’t that always been the name?” Nope – but we’re ending the confusion! We have been “Green Schools” for 10 years, but our web address is still and has always been


With our re-branding comes a new model.


Our new model removes barriers around stipends and creates pathways to funding.  Now is the time to start a chapter!

We’re launching a new model in 2017-18 that will help support chapters with fundraising, grants, stipends and scholarships.

Start a chapter this year for free.

We provide you with 

  • The Project Green Schools Handbook with everything you need to know to run a chapter
  • Resources for your students including access to the 12 Pathways to Greening your School.
  • Timely information about global happenings surrounding climate change, environmental issues and health.
  • Support in applying for grants, stipends and scholarships.
  • Teacher training

You bring to your students and school

  • STEM education and resources
  • Ideas for green projects and initiatives
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Honor Society and green service recognition
  • Award and grant opportunities
  • A global community


Start a Project Green Schools chapter in your school today!  It’s free.

  • Educate yourself with STEM skills focusing on Green/Environmental issues
  • Increase your opportunities for scholarships, college admissions, internships and jobs
  • Do projects that serve your school and community and make a difference/impact
  • Get recognition – Win awards, attain service level pins, become part of the National Green Schools Honor Society
  • Collaborate with other students, business and government
  • Become a green leader

Start an NGSS Chapter NOW!