Author: Tammy Thornton

Please Welcome Incoming Green Schools’ National Student Council Member Taq Quijano

My name is Tag Quijano. I am a Junior at Princeton Day School in Princeton, New Jersey, and am currently attending the School for Ethics and Global Leadership (, a semester school in Washington, DC. My interest in sustainability and the environment acts as an interdisciplinary medium to nurture my interests in science, engineering, and education. I am the co-head of my school’s environmental club EnAct (Environmental Action) and am an active member on sustainability committees at my school and in the Princeton, NJ community including the Princeton Environmental Film Festival planning committee. I recently created a Bike Powered...

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Student Reflection from Green Schools Student Vice President, Eugen Florin

A bead of sweat formed on my forehead and my heart was pumping blood at a rate that was foreign to me. There I was, sitting in a cushioned seat, waiting to be called up to speak in front of a camera which would stream live to the entire nation. “Three, two, one. We are live. Welcome everyone, welcome to the White House Climate Change Event.” I will never forget this event as it was a culmination of four years of hard work where I learned to put my effort into helping others improve our planet, accumulating over 1000...

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Announcing Green Schools Keynote Speaker for the 2016 Green Schools Summit and 2016 Green Difference Awards

Green Schools is very excited to announce our Keynote Speaker for both the 2016 Green Schools Summit on Thursday May, 26th and the 2016 Green Difference Awards on Friday, May 27th. Xiuhtezcatl pronounced (Shu-tez-caht) Martinez 15 years old and his brother Itzcuauhtli pronounced (Eat-squat-lee) Martinez are Indigenous Environmental Activist’s, Eco Hip-hop artist’s and public speakers from Boulder, Colorado. They have been speaking to crowds at conferences, schools and demonstrations from the Rio+20 United Nations Summit in Rio de Janeiro to addressing the General Assembly at the United Nations New York. They are Youth Directors of Earth Guardians an organization of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and working together to create positive concrete action in their communities to address climate change.  They use original eco hiphop music to educate and inspire their generation into action. Xiuhtezcatl is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Obama administration for their failure to protect the atmosphere and their future. They have worked locally to get pesticides out of parks, coal ash contained and moratoriums on fracking in his state. They have traveled across the nation and to many parts of the world educating their generation about the state of the planet they are inheriting and inspir​ed ​​thousands ​of ​​youth​ into action to protect the Earth. Their movement has grown to over 700 teen Earth...

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Please Welcome Adriel Bencosme to Green Schools Board

Green Schools is excited to welcome Adriel Bencosme of Solar City to the Board! Adriel has infused his energy and passion into every industry he has participated in. His passion for helping people has been the backbone to his occupational decisions, which led him to work in the health industry as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor. Adriel has also worked on the marketing side of multiple nutritional companies; creating online content, websites, videos, photos, social media etc. After coming close to losing his ability to see from a rare disease at age 6, Adriel gained an incredible amount...

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