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5 Schools that Make the Grade in Ending Student Poverty

October Challenge:  Food & Agriculture This month, on October 17th, we celebrate International Eradication of Poverty Day.  I think it deserves more than a day’s glance, so let’s focus a whole month on it (at least). Approximately 49 million Americans go to bed hungry every year.  Columbia University’s National Center for Children in Poverty  reports that 15 million of those people are children who live in poverty.  That comes to be about 21% of all children, or 1 in 5, that live in poverty.  In the era that we live in today which is obsessed with obesity, healthy living, and...

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3 Ways to Become a Zero Emission School

Pathway of the Month:  Transportation Oh, happy day, everyone!  This month we celebrate the Pathway to Sustainable Transportation.  September 21st was actually Zero Emissions Day!  We also celebrated World Car-free Day on September 22nd. So what’s the deal with transportation and what exactly does sustainability have to do with it?  Well, consider this… Whether time seems to drag on by or flies waaaay too fast, the world is in constant motion.  Rapid motorization & urbanization have contributed to an increase in congestion, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, traffic accidents, and health & social problems.  As a matter of fact, NASA has found that motor vehicles are the greatest contributor to atmospheric warming.  As the extra particles (most namely, carbon dioxide) accumulate in the atmosphere, impacts in the surrounding area start to become visible.  Two major impacts include our human health and the economy. Health is not necessarily a factor the average person may think of when it comes to talking about transportation, but it is truly an important one to consider.  According to Sustainable America, highly congested areas give witness to higher rates of asthma, allergies, heart and lung disease, and even cancer.  The risk of these incidences increase with young children, as well, since their smaller bodies consume more air per pound of body weight than an adult does. Idling your car doesn’t just have dire implications for...

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The Pathway to Sustainability

This year at Project Green Schools we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and we have loads of new excitement and programming for you.  The idea behind this re-work has been to make it more user-friendly, as well as an active, living, breathing engagement piece.  Imagine if you will a true, authentic, and fun STEM challenge that goes completely viral and sweeps the nation… nay, the world! Why were the 12 Pathways created? We understand that students of all ages have an innate desire to want to make a difference. Sometimes, though, the type of change they are seeking can seem a little daunting. ...

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Welcome New Advisory Board Members

A warm welcome to two new Project Green Schools Advisory Board Members! Mitchell Rosenberg has nearly 30 years of experience in the design, management, and evaluation of energy efficiency programs.  Currently he is a Director in the Sustainable Energy Use Services group of DNV GL, … where he also manages the group’s innovation investment portfolio for new and enhanced service offerings. Mr. Rosenberg has extensive experience in market assessment for energy efficient products, and in evaluation of programs that promote them.  He has also developed and managed energy efficiency programs that address efficiency opportunities in industrial compressed air systems,...

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NGSS Chapter Reminders

NGSS Chapters it’s time to start recruiting members and planning your environmental service projects! September Promote NGSS in your school Recruit students to apply for membership Review applications and make membership decisions Hold first meeting of the year Elect officers Plan induction ceremony October Hold induction ceremony Plan the chapter’s environmental service group projects for the year Plan chapter fundraising activities for the year Recruit local sponsors for chapter support and donations Work cooperatively with other clubs in your school on service project and events Have students think about and complete project proposals for individual projects Hold second meeting of the year Consider having an NGSS sponsored event at your school to increase chapter membership Ensure that members are tracking their service hours Check...

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