Author: Tammy Thornton

How Schools Can Lead by Example for a Clean Energy Future

Several years ago we hosted an event at the White House to honor Champions of Change. This event honored people doing amazing work helping to address issues of climate change. One of those champions was Robin Organ, the Executive Director of Project Green Schools. At the time, I was focused on greening the Federal Government and helping them to lead by example. We had a great deal to learn from Robin and the amazing schools across the country taking on the issues of sustainability head on. ​​​​​​​In my line of work, I am fortunate to be inspired by the work I do every single day. I am also surrounded by my colleagues working across the clean energy industry to drive this industry forward with innovation and new ideas. All of this work is critical. In order to take on the challenges required to address the problems facing the world today, this work will have to go beyond my legacy and that of my colleagues. The future depends on developing the next generation of environmental leaders through education, project-based learning and community service. With that in mind, I’m excited to be joining the Advisory Board of Project Green Schools. Project Green Schools (PGS) is at the forefront to create the next generation of environmental leaders, working with over half a million students across the country. Through their programs, PGS is...

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A Letter from PGS Board Chair, Stacy Goodman

Dear colleagues and friends of Project Green Schools, The most exciting thing in this world, to me, is change… Large-scale changes in companies, industries, communities, and countries… The changes that fundamentally shift the way things operate, what people believe, what is needed to succeed, the culture. Change is hard, but the results of evolution are rewarding. This past year I have had the pleasure of serving Project Green Schools, an organization with a measurable impact on developing the next generation to lead in the face of environmental challenges and our changing world. 2017 was a year of evolution for Project Green Schools. We celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary and looked back on our journey. Our programs… started as a project to make schools healthier for children and teachers. Today we’re an organization that develops youth into change-makers who can lead the world into a green and sustainable future. Our operations… started with a few schools in Massachusetts. As of this year we’ve worked with more than 6,300 schools in 43 U.S. states and 13 countries. Our reach… started with educators and students. Today our audience is broad, including education, government and industry, in addition to students. Across our social media platforms, we receive 20,000 – 50,000 hits on a weekly basis. I am proud of what Project Green Schools has accomplished in its first 10 years. These accomplishments laid...

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December & the Buyerarchy of Needs

Happy Channukah & Merry Christmas! As we make our way well into the holiday season, it seemed like a good time to focus on our Green Living & Consumerism Pathway to greening up your school. What does this holiday season really mean? In this consumeristic era we are living in, let us remember that light always overcomes the darkness in our lives. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to see that for all the pretty packaging on the outside. Looking at all the advertisements, it seems like we can’t even go a month before the latest and greatest gadget comes out...

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Join the National Green Student Leadership Council

APPLY NOW!! Project Green Schools is looking for highly motivated students in Grades 5-12, to represent their state. Students will have opportunities to meet with policy officials, attend policy briefings and events, as well as attend business and stakeholder events. The National Green Student Leadership Council advances the student voice with regard to environmental education and environmental literacy. The National Green Student Leadership Council provides a forum for student voices, where ideas, concerns, and suggestions are collected and put into the hands of local, state, and national leaders who will listen carefully and hopefully take action. The Leadership Council’s student leaders...

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