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Green Schools partners with you as you tackle the greening of your school, educating your students on environmental issues, and accessing appropriate classroom activities and professional environmental education opportunities.

When you become a Green Schools Member your school or organization becomes a leader in environmental education. We provide you with monthly newsletters and environmental information packets based on the Green Schools 12 Pathways. When you sign up to be a free member, we will send you a dedicated URL to access the 12 Pathways. You will have access to our resource list where you can find project ideas and assistance from our partner organizations, and our learn more about our upcoming webinar series for students and educators.

You can add these programs to your membership to enhance your efforts:

  • National Green Schools Society ($85/chapter; $15 student dues) for organizations, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.
  • Attendance at the Green Schools National Network and NGSS National Conference conference in March
  • Green Schools Summit held in Massachusetts in April
  • Green Difference Award Ceremony at the Massachusetts State House in Boston in May
  • State and national student recognition programs through NGSS

For more information contact:

Maureen Aylward, Director of Students and Schools
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