A recognition program for environmentally focused students who achieve extraordinary impact in schools and communities. Students are awarded pins and certificates for recognition of their hours of service. Seniors can achieve a graduation stole by completing a capstone project.

Incorporate NGSS/IGSS at Your School

Project Green Schools provides a structured program and process for high-achieving, environmentally focused students to create extraordinary impact in schools, organizations, and communities while getting the recognition they deserve on a state and national level. The program develops bright, civic-minded, environmentally literate citizens. By incorporating NGSS/IGSS in your school, students in grades K through 12 will advance their passion for preserving the environment through environmental service projects, leadership, and activism. Green Student Leaders [Gr K-12] are recognized annually for their accomplishments in the form of National and International Green Schools Society Certificates, Pins [Bronze, Silver, Gold], and Honor stoles based on their accomplishments with this nationally-recognized program.

Essentially, this is the formula:

Benefits of National and International Green Schools Society

Students, individually or as a club or class, participate in environmental service projects, including STEM projects that have a direct impact on the school and local environment.

  • Students are seen as environmental leaders in their school and community.
  • Members get real world experience by leading fundraising events, organizing and managing projects, working in teams, and making presentations.
  • Students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles on a national level and participate in student-led webinars, conference calls, and events.
  • Graduating student members are honored at graduation with a distinctive National and International Green Schools Society stole when they meet specified requirements showing exemplary environmental stewardship in environmental education and service.
  • Students graduating key benchmark years such as fifth and eighth grade can also be honored at school-wide events (i.e. moving up ceremonies, promotion nights, end of year recognition events) through NGSS/IGSS.
  • Project Green Schools facilitates student recognition and awards at the state and national level.
  • Members are invited to participate and present at the national student recognition ceremony during the induction ceremony or school/community events
  • Members use their environmental projects to qualify for scholarships and awards.

Meet our 2018-2019 Student Leadership Team! Read what some of them have been doing this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NGSS/IGSS?
National and International Green Schools society (NGSS/IGSS) is a program that allows schools and students to be recognized for their environmental efforts.
What do I need to do to get started?
All you need to do is sign up.
I'm signed up, now what?
If you already working on a project, keep working on it, then apply for recognition in April.
If you need help with a project idea or how to start one check out:
Where can I find the handbook and marketing template?

Please download a copy of the 2018 NGSS Handbook to help guide you through the NGSS Program as well as the  NGSS marketing template.

Please download a copy of the 2018 IGSS Handbook to help guide you through the IGSS Program as well as the IGSS marketing template.

Save and use our Green Schools Society Postcard for events!  

In the handbook you can find suggestions for fundraising activities, environmental service project ideas, environmental days to celebrate, sample induction and end of year ceremony scripts and more!

How do I earn an NGSS/IGSS Pin?

K- 12 members pledge 20 hours of environmental service to their school and community, and are encouraged to do more hours if they work on multiple projects. Students should have a combination of environmental service and environmental education hours.  Your honor pin is based on the number of hours submitted at the end of your school year.

In order to receive pins, students and/or classes are required to complete and submit their end of year paperwork ONLINE:

  • End of Year Report (Download) (IGSS End Of Year Report)
  • Service Hour Tracking Sheet – depending on the grade level this can be done as a class or on an individual basis (Download) (IGSS Download)
  • All documentation (end of year report and tracking sheet) is collected and uploaded through our ONLINE application which is due by April 15th, 2019.
  • Once documentation is received pins will be mailed and a certificate template will be available for download for Advisors. Students not involved with a club or class can work directly with our Director of Student Engagement to obtain their certificate and pin.


Service  and Education Hours Honor
20-39 hours Bronze Leaf pin
40-69 hours Silver Leaf pin
70-100+ hours Gold Leaf pin
How do I earn an NGSS/IGSS Honor Stole?

Graduation Seniors must perform hours in environmental service and environmental education to be eligible to receive a National or International Green Schools Society honor stole to wear at their graduation ceremony. Service hours can be accumulated over their four years of high school from a combination of courses, club activities, service or class projects, STEM projects, attended events, special programs and conferences.

Service and Education Hours Honor Level*
100 – 199 Hours Green
200 – 299 Hours Silver
300+ Hours Gold

*Honor level determines which stole you will receive

Students who meet these requirements must complete and submit ONLINE:

  • A Graduation Form which includes a two-page essay about environmental service or STEM and its impact (Download)
  • End of Year Report (Download) (IGSS End Of Year Report)
  • Service Hour Tracking Sheet (Download) ( IGSS Tracking Form)
  • All  graduate documentation (essay, end of year report, tracking sheet) is collected and uploaded through our ONLINE application which is due by April 15th, 2019
  • Submit a fee of $45 to cover the honor stole,citations, and related processing and mailing fees.
Apply for NGSS/IGSS Recogntion

I am an individual student or teacher looking to apply for end of year pins and certificates.  Click Here for NGSS/IGSS End of Year Student Recognition Form 2019

I am a Senior looking to earn an Honor Stole for graduation. Click Here for NGSS/IGSS Student Graduation Application 2019

Deadline: April 15, 2019 for End of Year and Honor Stole