Project Green Schools recognizes leaders of all types from school administrators to government and community leaders to outstanding students

Nominate a Green Difference Maker TODAY through our online application! Deadline to apply is March 22, 2018.

Project Green Schools honors and recognizes Outstanding National Environmental Education & STEM Education efforts led in our Schools & Communities at our Annual Green Difference Awards.

This event will take place at the MA State House  – Great Hall April 13, 2018

We honor Green Difference Makers made up of Principals, Teachers, Advisors, Students, Citizens, Schools, School Groups/Clubs, and our Sponsors nationally and internationally at our annual event.

Approximately 25 awards are given out each year in the following areas:

  • Outstanding Green Superintendent/Principal
  • Outstanding Green Education/Program Director
  • Outstanding Green Community Hero
  • Outstanding Green Student [Elementary/Middle/High]
  • Outstanding Commitment to Greenovation [GREEN + STEM + Innovation]
  • Outstanding School-led Sustainability Project in Sports
  • Outstanding School-led Project in Energy
  • Outstanding Global School-led Project in Climate Action
  • SUSTAINABILITY AWARD – Outstanding  Environmental Education Program with  Proven Track Record of  5 or more years!
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for a hero who has dedicated his or her life to Green Education

Additionally, National Green Schools Society Honor Roll Students [100-300 students] are honored and celebrated through this annual recognition program.

2017 Green Difference Award Program

2017 Green Difference Award Album

National Youth Council

National Youth Council students are difference-makers who are invited to participate in important regional, national and world events.  Students are given a seat at the table – with government, corporate and professional leaders.  They create a feedback loop between leaders and the next generation and make connections which help them find their place in higher education and the workforce.

All students who are in grades 6-12 are eligible to take part in National Youth Council meetings. Quarterly meetings take place on a regional level with video and phone call-in opportunities for students around the country. 

The student and youth voice is critical to capture and engage when it comes to environmental stewardship and leadership. Students today will inherit a changed climate and a compromised environment. Student leaders are the future business and political leaders of tomorrow. They deserve a platform, and the National Youth Council services this purpose. Project Green Schools is proud to provide this student leadership forum.

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