National Green Schools Student Leadership Council

National Green Schools Student Leadership Council advances the student voice with regard to environmental education and environmental literacy. The Student Leadership Council provides a forum for student voices, where ideas, concerns, and suggestions are collected and put into the hands of local, state, and national leaders who will listen carefully and hopefully take action. The Leadership Council’s student leaders are the ones who communicate student views to those who make decisions about environmental education and environmental literacy.

The student and youth voice is critical to capture and engage when it comes to environmental stewardship and leadership. Students today will inherit a changed climate and a compromised environment. Student leaders are the future business and political leaders of tomorrow. They deserve a platform, and the Student Leadership Council services this purpose. Green Schools and National Green Schools Society is proud to provide this student leadership forum.

All students who are National Green Schools Society student members in grades 6-12 are eligible to take part in Leadership Council meetings. Quarterly meetings take place on a regional level with video and phone call-in opportunities for students around the country. A schedule of upcoming meetings can be found in the calendar. NGSS student members will be called upon each year to nominate two students from their chapter to service as representatives at the Green Schools National Network and NGSS National Conference held each spring. Students will receive more information as part of chapter membership.

For more information about NGSS, contact:
Maureen Aylward
Director of Students and Schools
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