Deadline: April 15, 2019

  • If you are completing this form as a group/club/class, Advisors please upload a list of students who should receive recognition.
  • DO NOT enter a student name If you are the Advisor submitting on behalf of a class/group.
  • DO NOT enter a student email If you are the Advisor submitting on behalf of a class/group.
  • When your project is completed, assess it with the following questions. If your project will not be completed by the deadline, evaluate progress using the same criteria anticipating your outcome. Attach two photographs or a link to a video or press coverage. • Explain how you created and completed the project. • Describe your participation. • Describe how the project positively impacted your community and any long-term benefits or outcomes of the project. Include how many people were impacted. • Were the goals accomplished? List the goals and how they were accomplished. • Where other groups involved? Did you receive funds, resources, or publicity? • What was innovative about your project and how did this contribute to positive outcomes? • Provide an assessment of the soundness of approach, rationale, and scientific design, if applicable. • What did you learn from implementing this project?
  • This could be a class/group report or individual student Tracking Report.