DSCN4760Recipient of THREE Green Difference Awards, we are excited to spotlight PSGR Krishnammal Nursery and Primary School  from Tamil Nadu, India. 



Outstanding Green Superintendent/Principal

Dhanam Sivalingam has encouraged numerous green initiatives at her school over the years.  Recently, in October 2015 the school joined with Golakal Biruthavan Trust to plant trees across the city to create awareness towards the protection of the environment.

“We are excited in seeing the Green Difference award 2015-16. We are very proud in receiving and fortunate to have this flag in our schools as a great appreciation.” ~ Dhanam Sivalingam

Outstanding School-led Project in Water

Participating in the program “Save the Water, Save the Life,” which is meant to teach children how to save water; a precious natural resource.

Outstanding Green Student [Elementary/Middle/High]

Roshini Shafikhan is the Secretary of the school’s Eco Club which consists of 92 members and two teachers.  Roshini oversees the clubs daily activities such as food and paper waste and recycling processes. The club cares for 70 species of medicinal plants and trees that are used to cure infections and disease. The club’s pledge is to “Save Mother Earth.”