Front: Charlotte Howe, Claire Werner, Claire McElwain, Carly Restuccia, Raina Baier Back: Connor Fauske, Reed Dolan, Luke Swetland, Billy Koshivas, Chloe Lindahl

Meet Ipswich High School NGSS Officers 2015-2016

Co-Presidents:  Jill Wall & Raina Baier

Co-Vice Presidents: Charlotte Howe & Reed Dolan

Treasurer: Carly Restuccia

Secretary: Chloe Lindahl

Social Media Coordinator:  Grace Evans

Event Coordinator: Bill Koshivas


Group and Individual Projects:

Banning Single Use Plastic Bags – Claire Werner, Claire McElwain, Jillian Wall

     Summary:  Claire, Claire, and Jill have surveyed businesses, garnered the support of town boards and committees, written a bylaw and are ready to bring the issue of banning thin film plastic bags to voters at the spring Town Meeting.

Jill Wall and Claire Werner at Ipswichl Farmers Market raising awareness of how harmful plastic bags can be to the environment.

Banning Styrofoam – Charlotte Howe and Carly Restuccia

     Summary:  Charlotte and Carly have worked with businesses and the town’s Board of Health to rid their community of dangerous chemicals that leach from Styrofoam into foods.  They will also be bringing this issue to voters at Town Meeting.

Invasive Green Crabs – Bill Koshivas

     Summary:  Bill has been working with his town’s Shellfish Constable to try to reduce the amount of invasive green crabs on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  These predators feed on clams on which his town relies for its seafood industry.

Community Education on Hazards of Dog Waste – Chloe Lindahl

     Summary:  Chloe has been working with the Open Space Committee of Ipswich to educate citizens about the hazards of dog waste to drinking water and to the Ipswich clam flats.  She is currently producing a video which will be shown on a local television station.

Monitoring the Health of the Ipswich River – Reed Dolan and Grace Evans

     Summary:  Grace and Reed have tracking down sources of pollution to the Ipswich River as well as doing waterfowl surveys to help the Ipswich River Watershed Association update its action plan.  They have also presented the dangers of feeding waterfowl to 80 third graders.

Chloe Lindahl, Billy Koshivas, and Reed Dolan at the Ipswich Chowderfest speaking to people about sustainability issues.

Monitoring Phosphate Discharge – Raina Baier

     Summary:  Raina has been testing the outflow pipe at the Ipswich Wastewater Treatment Plant for phosphates which cause algal blooms.  These blooms foster epizootic shell disease which renders the lobsters unmarketable.