Alison Carter was one of two 2018 graduating seniors to receive The Bright Future Scholarship which is given to students pursuing higher education in a related area of study; Energy, Environment, Innovation, STEM, Business, Community-related are of student. The scholarship is provided by Current, powered by GE and Project Green Schools.

We are proud to share Alison’s thank you letter as she heads off to college.

“As a recent graduate of Barnstable High School class of 2018, I am so grateful to have been selected as the 2018 recipient of the Energized Future Scholarships sponsored by Current powered by GE and Project Green Schools Scholarship…

I intend to major in Environmental Science at UMASS Amherst to help prepare me for my future (possibly starting my own Biofuel business). I plan on partaking in a domestic university exchange program my sophomore year and studying abroad my… READ FULL LETTER