* Also U.N. Sustainable Development Goal #14: Life Below Water and #15: Life on Land Read More

Days to Celebrate in April:

Week before Earth Day: National Environmental Education Week

22nd: Earth Day

26th: National Healthy Schools Day

Last Friday: Arbor Day


Guides and Curricula:

WGBH and NASA Bringing the Universe to America’s Classroom Curriculum – digital media resources you can use to teach topics in K–12 Earth and Space Science. These free resources are organized into four grade bands

EPA: A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change

Stanford University Climate Change Education – Global climate change is 1) unequivocal,  2) almost certainly is caused mostly by us, 3) already is causing significant harm, and 4)is growing rapidly.

Climate Generation Curriculum – Bring climate change into your classroom with Climate Generation curricula.

An Inconvenient Truth in the Classroom – It is designed to encourage students to analyze the science of global warming and its relevance to current events and their daily lives.

Curricula for Global Sustainability – Ignite your students’ learning and inspire them to take action in their community with hands-on, standards-aligned global sustainability curricula

Climate Warming Lesson from NOW – Use the NOW Classroom standards-linked lesson on global warming to help students research and form credible opinions. This lesson is designed for social studies, debate, language arts, government/citizenship, and current events classes, grades 9-12.

Climate Change – A Wisconsin activity guide – a resource for Wisconsin’s teachers to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to become informed and active participants in society’s climate change discussions.

Atmosphere Lessons – 5 lessons with experiments

Weather and Atmosphere Unit – 9 week program with handouts and labs

Teaching Layers of the Atmosphere– lesson plan with foldable, video and reading selection

Energy House

Learning and Conserving

Energy Literacy Framework

Energy Teach and Learn



Earth-Now– an application that visualizes recent global climate data from Earth Science satellites, including surface air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and water vapor as well as gravity and sea level variations.

NASA Visualization Explorer – This is the NASA Visualization Explorer, the coolest way to get stories about advanced space-based research delivered right to your iOS device.


The Atmospheric Trivia Game

Weather and Climate games with NASA’s Climate Kids

Jason LearningMany games – set up an account to begin

SmogCity2Using an interactive air pollution simulator to control the air quality in Smog City 2, you can see how individual choices, environmental factors, and different types of land use affect air pollution.

BBC’s Cllmate ChallengeYou are president of the European nations and must tackle global climate change from 2000 – 2100



Earth: The Operator’s Manual– To illustrate the evidence and the way forward, host Richard Alley, takes viewers on a High-Definition trip around the globe, from New Zealand to New Orleans, telling the story of Earth’s climate history and our relationship with fossil fuels.

Education Portal – The Atmosphere – 15 video lessons with quizzes and transcripts detailing information about the atmosphere

The Children’s Climate Crusade

Energy Literacy Videos

Energy 101 Videos


Useful Links

NASA’s Climate Kids – Games and interactive modules

Global Warming ScienceThe science is clear. Global warming is happening. We are the primary cause. From the Union of Concerned Scientists

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