Author: Tammy Thornton

Green Student Field Notes: Environmental Advocacy

By Sam Koufman, Manchester Essex Regional High School I often field questions about my environmental advocacy. My response has developed from a simple “we must treat the Earth with respect as we are its inhabitants” to a more interconnected one that discusses the openness and compatibility of environmentalism with the student life. Environmentalism does not require one area of expertise or interest, but rather many that allow for like-minded individuals to apply their knowledge and seek one collective goal. This one collective goal – to care for nature and the environment – allows for the creation of different strategies to prepare us for the environmental issues we will face in the future. In my work with Green Schools and as a Green Scholar, I interact with professionals from different environmental fields of study. I am slowly gaining knowledge on why environmentalism is such an interesting field. Not only do I get to connect with some of the smartest and innovative professionals of today, I am able to shed light on the many problems we face from a student’s perspective. And I now count myself among those knowledgeable professionals due to my student environmental advocacy role. Unlike other subjects, environmentalism and it accompanying areas of academic study are compatible with countless majors and interests. Environmentalism can be paired with other areas of expertise such as law, art, medicine, and many...

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Focus on Conserve School

I was recently researching semester schools for my son who is in high school. A semester school is like a high school exchange, only for one semester, and most of the programs provide high school curriculums that align with the sophomore or junior year. A semester school typically runs from August to December or January through May. There are about 12 semester school programs in locations across the US and some that are in Europe. In my search, I was looking for the right mix of environmental education, academics, location, and (frankly) fun. All of the semester schools offer...

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People’s Climate March – I went!

My name is Jamison, and I am a 6th grader. On Sunday, September 21, 2014 I attended the People’s Climate March in New York City with my mom and brother. We stayed with my brother in Brooklyn where he has an apartment. Walking to the subway that morning we passed many people carrying signs and wearing t-shirts that were environmental or had climate-related statements on them. When we got on the subway, even more people had clothing that represented a message about the climate. We saw people with handmade felted hats and others who were carrying signs. Everyone was...

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Show your support for Green Schools

Green Schools recently launched the Green Schools Challenge to help provide students and schools with FREE Green Schools Membership benefits, including the very best innovative environmental education information, STEM education information, and essential resources to create greener and healthier (k-12) students, schools, and communities.  Show your support by donating to our campaign, and proudly place this Green Schools Badge on your wall, website, throughout Social Media and in your Newsletters during the months of September and October and help make The Green Difference...

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