Andover High School Environmental Club

Chapter Info: Level 1 -100 hours – 40 Students

Contact: Melanie Cutler

The Andover High School Environmental Club consists of students who have an interest in environmental issues and are actively involved in improving the environments of their school, local community, and the global community. In the past, we have completed project such as: waste audits, volunteering at Zero Waste Day, classroom recycling, hosting an electronics waste drive, instituting recycling and composting in our cafeteria, and working in the school’s Sustainable Garden, among others. This year, we are continuing our existing projects (composting, classroom recycling, green tip-of-the-day announcements) and are embarking on new projects. One subgroup is using Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots model to work on protecting threatened turtle species in our town. Another subgroup is working with a local middle school to help them get composting started in their cafeteria. A third group is working on planting a cover crop in our school’s garden to reduce soil erosion and add nutrients to the soil over the winter. Everyone is involved in volunteering with Next Step Living’s SEED program to help raise money to support energy efficiency efforts at our school