We are more than delighted to share the work of one of our amazing Chapters in Peabody, MA. Below is an article the students wrote for their school newspaper.  Congratulations to Diane Bugler and her students for tremendous green work!
Captain Samuel Brown School’s Environmental Eagles Newsletter 
“First of all, we just recruited 4th graders for our Environmental Eagles team. We looked for 4th graders that have good grades, appropriate work habits, and are willing to contribute to our team. We are also in need of a business to provide us with used ink cartridges. The cartridges help fund our field trips, get school supplies, and many other 5th grade events. We accept ink cartridges of any size, especially larger ones. If you know or work at a company that uses ink cartridges please inform Mrs. Bugler. You can contact her at her email at buglerd@peabody.k12.ma.us.

We have been working on labels forthe recycling bins and putting together skits for other classes and grades. We are also making posters to go above bins for the teachers and kids to teach them to recycle better. We participating in Greenfest on April 29. We will be selling things like envelopes made out of old calendars, and bracelets out of can tabs. That’s it for this month!”
-The Environmental Eagles correspondence team