Educators, would you say you are struggling with creating an environment where students can experience real life challenges and do it at their own pace to maximize the learning experience? Or how about having the proper materials due to budget constraints? Even struggling with becoming the facilitator and letting the student self guide to the answers? Eversource offers programs to educate students on energy efficiency and energy conservation There are 3-4 lessons that are curriculum based and that are at no cost to the school or you. For more information visit, email or call 1.617.929.8600.

eversource3Watts-Ville is a 30 minute interactive life-size board game where the class will be in two teams and to advance each team will have to answer energy-based questions. For a video about Watts-Ville, click here.





eversource2Change a Light, Change the World Fundraiser is a fundraiser where schools in Eversource electric communities sell energy-efficient products and keep 100% of the proceeds.

The fundraiser starts with an educational in-school kickoff event where students learn about saving energy through a fun trivia game, are given information on the fundraiser, and take an “Energy Efficiency Pact.” For a video about the Fundraiser, click here.


eversource4Energy Quest is an Inflatable environment that is built to replicate a house where students in grades 6-8 act as home energy investigators and go in search of an area where energy is being used. Once the areas are located they will use the provided tablet to scan the image where an augmented related experience will take place to educate the student on ways to save energy in the home. For each area scanned, the students will answer a question and will be given information on saving energy for that area of energy use.  At the end of the quest, the top two scoring students will win a prize. For a video about Energy Quest, click here.