VivergyLogoLargeVivergy wants to help Greenschools members in their air pollution education efforts! Vivergy is a free new site that allows individuals to control their impact on local air pollution. Did you know that living in the Boston area is like *living with a smoker for three months of the year*? They are trying to change that! The URL is The big idea is to help parents and students understand the consequences of fossil fuels on their community and their health.
What educational opportunities are they offering?
First, they offer free educational curriculum centered around the AirBeam (, a low-cost, high-accuracy mobile air quality sensor that students can take around your campus or town to better understand how air pollution  occurs in their daily life. Through participatory learning, students can investigate primary sources of air pollution through the data, which is live-streamed to a Bluetooth enabled phone every 1.5 seconds. Students can get a clear picture of where air pollution originates in their community. Afterwards, they can also learn how this air pollution compares to exposure to cigarette smoke.

Any other ways they can help?
Next, they offer their site as a personal action platform that individuals can use to reduce air pollution through competition or collaboration. Classrooms, grade levels or even different schools can compete or collaborate. If you are interested in enabling parents and students to learn about local air pollution, please let me know or contact Kevin, the founder at