Description: Project Green Schools honors and recognizes Outstanding National Environmental Education & STEM Education efforts led in our Schools & Communities through our Annual Green Difference Awards Program. Award recipients have come from the following states: MA, NY, CA, OH, MD, FL, GA, SC, AL, PA, RI, ME, TX, NH, and MI. This annual event will take place at the MA State House  where we honor Green Difference Makers made up of Principals, Teachers, Advisors, Citizens, Schools, Students, School Groups/Clubs, and our Sponsors.

Approximately 25 awards are given out each year in the following areas:

Outstanding Green Superintendent/Principal

Outstanding Green Education/Program Director

Outstanding Green Community Hero

Outstanding Green Student [Elementary/Middle/High]

Outstanding Commitment to Greenovation [GREEN + STEM + Innovation]

Outstanding School-led Project in Sports

Outstanding School-led Project in Energy

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD – Outstanding  Environmental Education Program with  Proven Track Record of  5 or more years!

Lifetime Achievement Award for a hero who has dedicated his or her life to Green Education


Additionally, National Green Schools Society Honor Roll Students [100-300 students] are honored and celebrated through this annual recognition program.

2017 Green Difference Award Program

2016 Green Difference Award Winners

Past Green Difference Award Programs


2016 Green Difference Awards Photo Gallery


2015 Green Difference Award Photo Gallery






2010 Fashion Show Images


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