Project Green Schools and National Grid will provide a $1,000 scholarship to a 2022 graduating senior in Massachusetts who is pursuing higher education, and has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the fields of energy and environment. This scholarship honors impactful leadership that takes place beyond the walls of a traditional school and out in our communities.  This changemaker has made a real difference in the lives of many, and we anticipate great things in this young person’s future for years to come!

Learn about our 2021 Green Difference Maker Scholarship Winners. 

To apply for this scholarship, please complete the form below and upload your essay answering the following questions:

  • What is your connection to Project Green Schools (if relevant)?
  • What role does energy and the environment play in your life (past/present/future)?
  • How does your related work play into your future at college?
  • How will you make The Green Difference in your future?
  • What statement or words of wisdom can you offer to inspire the next generation?


Scholarship application period has ended.