Last week, Project Green Schools was delighted to take part in the Green Strides Tour in Georgia.  We had previously participated in the New England tour and we love taking learning outdoors!

First stop was Pharr Elementary.

We learned some brilliant ways to take learning outside at Pharr and where students were bright, articulate, environmental leaders.  I was very impressed!


 Pictured: Keisha N. Ford-Jenrette, Program Manager, Excellence Recognition Georgia Department of Education and Robin Organ, Executive Director of Project Green Schools

I toured several stations showcasing Best Practices in Outdoor Learning and was eager to complete their scavenger hunt.

Pictured: Earning my stamp during the outdoor scavenger hunt.

Next stop was Mason Elementary.  We learned about efforts taking place and in process and then we stepped into a magical outdoor space just a bit gown a green, grassy path.  We were greeted by students who showed us students hard at work in their gardens and outdoor learning spaces.

Pictured: Student greeters welcomed us and explained what we were about to see.

Pictured: Students measuring, planting and apalying math and environmental science outdoors.

Next stop was Mason Elementary and they had every kind of ponics in full bloom!  This Green Student was proud to teach me how to plant and use their incredible hydroponics systems/lab.

Pictured: Students lead the way in hydoponics and growing green.

Day 2 of our tour began at High Meadows School.  This school encouraged, running, creative play, nature play, innovation, healthy eating, and so much more.  As a former camper counselor and teacher, this was my dream school!  High Meadows was literally a program where camp met school.  High Meadows School is a private school and I have to say I was very impressed with all they they provide for a most reasonable tuition.  The school operates an incredible program and we didn’t want to leave.  More learning and fun takes place during the summer month and this LEED certified school had so much to offer.

Pictured: Students play outdoors in the “Meadow”.

Pictured: Students apply STEM learning and creative design with these outdoor forts.

Another favorite stop on our tour was in front of this water refill station.  Conservation is a top priority of Green Schools and this proud student explained her project and process for bringing this project through to completed.

Pictured: This proud student refills her water bottle at a station she and her classmates worked hard to bring to her school.

 The Green Strides Tour showed us a range of schools, grade levels and learners.  Schools featured a wide variety of gardens, wetlands, chickens, green infrastructure, food-based programs, farms, art, innovative design and much more.  I was honored to be a part of this tour and to see that the Green Schools Movement is a love and growing greener and stronger every day!


Robin Organ-Founder and Executive Director of Project Green Schools