Green Schools is excited to share and join the One Less Straw Pledge brought to you by two amazing students!  JOIN US!

carter-and-oliviaOlivia (13) together with her brother Carter (15) started their own nonprofit called One More Generation (OMG) back in 2009 in an effort to help clean up their environment for at least One More Generation… and beyond. As the founders of One More Generation™ and K-12 students themselves, they are constantly seeking ways for young people to be involved in the conservation and preservation of our natural world and wildlife… it’s what they love to do!

Olivia and Carter are pleased to announce the launch of their OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign for America’s K-12 students. Why did they create the campaign? Well, did you know that 500,000,000 plastic straws are used in America every single day and most never get recycled? That’s enough to fill over 127 school busses with plastic straws every day. Plastic drinking straws contribute to world-wide pollution and are a petroleum-based product.

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The campaign has three phases. The first started in August where the two siblings reach out to organizations around the world, seeking partners for the campaign. Their initiative now has over 70 impressive global partners.  They also sent out emails to each and every school superintendent across the country advising them of the campaign.


The second phase is happening now in September where they are asking schools across the nation, and even in select countries, to have their students participate in the program by signing a pledge stating they promise not to use a single plastic straw during the month of October. They are also asking the students to get at least one family member to do the same. The pledge they sign allows the person taking the pledge to commit to a dollar amount they promise to pay for every time they forget to refuse a plastic straw. All funds collected by the students go 100% to their school so they can afford to bring in more environmental education programs to their school. They are also asking students to seek out at least one restaurant in their community that they can approach and ask them also to sign a pledge stating that they promise not to hand out straws during the entire month of October unless requested by the customer.


The final phase happens in October when they ask the students to help ensure they and their family gets in the habit of saying “No” to plastic straws for the entire month.


Their newly launched website has tons of resources and even features an interactive map which will showcase schools, businesses and even communities that have taken the pledge. Campaign materials will also be available in Spanish.


As you already know, environmental education is being promoted for the first time through the authorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This gives K-12 students more opportunities to learn about conservation practices in conjunction with good stewardship. The OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign is designed to work with and support this new Act, and offer students ways to demonstrate their commitment and make a difference, all at once.


Olivia and Carter said they would like to help with that through their OneLessStraw pledge campaign but they need your help to make this campaign successful. Can we count on your district/school’s participation? Please email them at for more information.


Thank you in advance for your consideration. BTW, make sure to check out their TEDxYouth presentation.