Join the Digital Dialoue: Green Schools Summit 2016 (#GreenSchools2016)

As students who value the world we live in, we realize that the only way to enact environmentally-sustainable change is to unleash the power of the next generation of leaders.  The 2016 Green Schools Summit is our opportunity to engage in a collaborative dialogue with people like you, and thought leaders of all ages, to equip you to Green Your School.

Whether at the Waterworks Museum in Boston, Massachusetts or online, for our Digital Event, from anywhere with a wifi connection, we want you to join the conversation!

We are talking about how technology, paired with community collaboration and driven by human ingenuity, is paving the way for a brighter, more environmentally-friendly future. Whether hackathons, open innovation challenges or civic engagement projects, smart, undiscovered and underfunded people of all walks of life are collaborating with traditional leaders to enact change. Do you have an innovative solution to address costly and complex environmental problems that affect your local watersheds? Are you interested in how our community is acting on climate? Join Green Schools and SecondMuse to discuss solutions.

About the Digital Event: To expand the dialogue to a global audience, we’re hosting a Digital Event involving students, Green Schools partners and supporters, engaged social entrepreneurs, scientists and journalists in the field of sustainability innovation as well as the engaged digital public. Join in on Thursday, May 26, 2016 from 11:00am to 11:45am EST. The event will feature a:

Also joining us for the Digital Event:

Davar Ardalan (@IDavar). She’s the Director of Storytelling and Engagement at SecondMuse focused on citizen science, ocean conservation, humanitarian disaster relief, and more and a veteran journalist, formerly serving as a social media strategist and senior producer with NPR

Eugen Florin Cotei (@CoteiEugen). He’s the Co-President of the National Green Schools Society and participant in Yale’s Young Global Scholars Program, a recent attendee of the White House’s Back to School Climate Change Education Event.

Carrie Freeman (@CarrieTFreeman). She’s a partner at SecondMuse, managing open innovation programs with organizations such as NASA, Nike, the United Nations, and USAID, having served as the former Director of Sustainable Business Innovation at Intel.

Olivia Gieger (@OliviaGieger). She’s the Co-President of the National Green Schools Society, receiving recognition by the Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environment and recently winning an SJC case against the Massachusetts Department of Energy.

Todd Khozein (@Toddicus). He’s a partner at SecondMuse and systems innovation pioneer, founding initiatives bringing together Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, NASA, the World Bank and other organizations for mass collaboration efforts.

Robin Organ (@GreenSchoolsOrg). She’s the Executive Director of Green Schools as well as the Project Manager of the Massachusetts Environmental Literacy Plan and Chair of the Massachusetts Secretary’s Advisory Group on Energy, Environment and Education.

Robin Organ will be tweeting from Green Schools (@GreenSchoolsOrg). Matt Scott (@MattScottGW) will be tweeting from SecondMuse (@SecondMuse).

For examples of impactful civic engagement and collaboration, visit the websites for the 2016 National Day of Civic Hacking and NASA’s 2016 International Space Apps Challenge


Pictured (left to right): Davar Ardalan, Todd Khozein, Carrie Freeman