Days to Celebrate in February:

2nd: World Wetlands Day

(* Scenic Conservation Pathway)

Guides and Curricula

4-H Outdoor and Environment Curricula – Includes specific curricula such as Butterfly, Entomology, Forestry, Gardening, Exploring your Environment, Backyards and Beyond…

John Muir Lesson Plans – Learning about John Muir’s life can serve as a launching pad to environmental studies from a variety of perspectives. Botany, geology, history, geography, language arts, visual arts, and more can be inspired by John Muir, as we discover that, as John Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

Indoor Air Pollution – Students will learn about indoor air pollutants the types and legal concentrations and affects on human health. The students will also determine the pathway for the formation of radon

ViewFinders:  An online interactive website that teachers students K-5 about visual pollution and its effects on a person’s daily life and character of a city.

Visual Pollution:  A middle school lesson on *

Exploring Your Community *

Lessons About Pollution *

Clean Air Projects Elementary school lessons *

Clean Air Projects:  High school lessons*


Earth Viewer– What did Earth’s continents and oceans look like 250 million years ago, or even 1 billion years ago? What do we know about the climate back when our planet formed?

Plants by TinybopUnearth the secrets of the green kingdom! Explore the forest, desert, and grasslands in this interactive diorama of the world’s biomes. Conduct the seasons and the weather, ignite a wildfire, and burrow with barking critters.

Star Tracker for kids – Just hold up and point the device to the sky and have fun! You can see any stars, constellations and deep sky objects you are watching in reality.

Tick Bait’s UniverseWith this app, kids (and kids at heart) can easily zoom in and out to explore the universe. They can zoom up to see Earth’s atmosphere, our solar system, galaxies and beyond. They can also zoom down into the microscopic world to explore bacteria, viruses, DNA, atoms, protons and beyond.

Fragile EarthFragile Earth is a stunning photography app giving a birdseye view of climate change, urbanization and nature’s raw power. It shows what happens to our planet when rivers flood or dry up, mountains erupt, glaciers melt and cities sprawl outward.

Geocaching:  Go exploring! *

AirVisual:  See in real-time what the quality of the air looks like in your community. *



Stop Disasters! – A disaster simulation game from the UN/ISDR

Universe SandboxSpawn massive stars, launch asteroids, and manipulate gravity with just a few clicks.

Rails to Trails Conservancy:  Go of the beaten path and get some Vitamin N as you explore the beauty of our natural world. *



The Cost of CoalWhen mining companies blow up West Virginia mountains to get at the coal beneath, streams get filled, drinking water gets contaminated and whole towns disappear

Lawrence Hall of Science – Timelapse videos from the Lawrence Hall of Scienc View webcam. The goal of this project is to help children understand the weather by correlating the view from the Lawrence Hall of Science with weather data and satellite imagery.

A Community of Choices:  The above video, Community of Choices, was produced by Scenic America and the Dunn Foundation and narrated by former Scenic America President Edward McMahon. In the video you will learn about all the different choices and options that communities face when deciding how they want to look, and how those choices can affect a community’s quality of life and prosperity in the long run. *

What is Visual Pollution? *

Air Pollution for Kids *

The Battle Against Billboards and Visual Pollution *

How Bike Lane Design Can Affect Citizen’s Community Choices *

Useful Links

Watershed Course -National Geographic FLOW Education: Facilitating Learning through Outdoor Watershed Education

What Happens In Your Body When You Breathe Dirty Air? 

Scenic50 Conference:  In the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s very easy to take for granted the beauty of our natural world.  This website provides a myriad of presentations that discuss the need for billboard control, promoting beautiful highways, and preserving community character. *

Issues Surrounding Scenic Pollution *

Billboard/Sign Clutter Case Studies:  Communities have already been successfully combating billboard blight for many decades. With the proper knowledge and support communities have retained control of their local character. The following case studies illustrate steps taken on the local and state level in protecting scenic landscapes, as well as legal obstacles faced by citizens in their own backyards. *

Colorado Scenic By-ways *

The Truth About Billboards *

Highway Beautification Act *

Tools for Action  Evidence-based reasoning*