The MA GSLC is 50 students strong!

Theme: Challenges and obstacles facing Green Students in MA: climate, environment, and youth environmental leadership

•Engage 60 Green Students from high schools in MA Green Communities and MA cities and towns;
•Provide a student-run and student-led leadership meeting where students will discuss challenges and obstacles to environmental sustainability in their schools and lives;
•Collect information about those challenges and obstacles;
•Create feedback loop, communications, a report, and additional meetings for students to share ideas, concerns, information, and action.


Students’ comments, discussions, feedback, and contributions will be gathered and organized into a MA GSLC Report that will be shared with all Council members. The Report will be shared with key individuals, policy makers, green communities, and sustainability and environmental leaders in MA and in the US.

Additional opportunities for Council members
•Council members will receive a certificate of participation
•Council members should consider joining National Green Schools Society.
•Council members have the opportunity to register and attend the Green Schools Summit on April 8th at Boston University. The GS Summit will host a convening for MA GSLC members where they can sign up for the 2015-2016 Council.
•Council members are invited to submit a proposal to present at the Green Schools Summit.
•Council members will be honored at the Green Difference Awards at the MA State House in May 2015.

The Massachusetts Green Student Leadership Council is an initiative of National Green Schools Society, a chapter-based organization that engages students (grades 5-12) in environmental service projects, environmental education, project-based learning, and internships for MA students.

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