Mark Thekkethala
“My name is Mark Thekkethala and I am a senior at Xaverian Brothers High School. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be a leading voice in Green Schools as your co-president for this upcoming year. I hope to inspire a youth movement towards sustainability and climate change awareness throughout the world. Just this April, I was honored to represent Green Schools at the White House Event on Climate Change and Public Health, which included prominent leaders in the field such as Dr. John P. Holdren, Administrator Gina McCarthy, US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and Senator Markey.

During this summer, I had an amazing experience visiting Alaska, engaging in dialogue with park rangers, and witnessing first hand the consequences of climate change on the rate of glacial melt and rising sea level. Currently, I am working on an international sustainability project which brings solar power to underprivileged orphanages so that they may reallocate monthly energy spending back towards the needs of the children, all while contributing to a healthy, cleaner, and more sustainable environment. I look forward to interacting with and supporting the great work that our members are already engaged with this year. And, I know that WE can lead the charge towards a Greener planet!”
Olivia Gieger
“I’m so pleased to be coming into the 2016-2017 school year as co-president with a strong, collaborative team. I’ve enjoyed working with the Green Schools team so much this year, and I feel that because we have worked closely this year, we are ready to hit the ground running. I truly love in Green Schools’ mission to unite schools across the country in environmental activism because I truly believe that only together, in a united front, will we be able to address the plaguing issues of climate change that confront our generation.”
Eugen Cotei
“Although at times the temperature soars to 120 degrees, volunteers never shy away from serving their communities in Las Vegas, Nevada. Planting trees, picking up trash, and making our community a true home is how everyone should spend their summer days. By uniting together and creating a team, we have the power to enact a true change in our environment. Getting outside and getting involved is simple: grab a friend and get to work. The perfect time is coming as summer is calming down and fall weather awaits. Don’t get left behind.”