Hi! My name is Melissa Cowell and I am entering my Senior year at Ursuline Academy. I have been a member of GreenSchools since ninth grade, when I joined to not only expand my own knowledge on environmental issues, but to also help everyone else realize the issues we are facing today. Last year, I attended the GreenSchools National Conference, and just two weeks ago I attended the Back to School Climate Change Education Event at the White House. I am hoping that I will be able to share the information that

I learned at these events with all NGSS students throughout the year. I also hope to help other students expand upon their own knowledge of the environment and climate change and help them take action in their own schools! I am very excited to be President of NGSS along with Satu, and we are both looking forward to making our mark while helping to make the Green Difference!

Hi! My name is Ehasanuzzaman Satu, but you can call me Satu! This upcoming school year, I will be entering my Senior year at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. I’ve been a part of GreenSchools since late February 2015, I was first recruited tojoin the Massachusetts Green Students Leadership Council through a science teacher at my school. I joined because I knew I could bring in my knowledge about the environmental and sustainability conflicts around my school that was overcome by student leaders, that I know many other schools in different cities also have. I also joined, because I was told that I could bring back to my community and my school’s environmental program information on how to overcome other conflicts, which I have. I too along with Melissa attended the GreenSchools National Conference, where I had made connections, and had increased my wealth of environmental knowledge. I look forward to sharing my work with my peers at NGSS and other students from around the city, state, and country this year to raise awareness about environmental sustainability!