by Heather M. – Project Green Schools National Youth Council Member

“This previous week I attended the Youth Assembly at New York University, and it was an experience I will never forget. Being surrounded by open minded people, all wanting to see change in the world, was truly inspiring. With 93 different countries present I not only got to observe the cultural differences and similarities across the globe, but also experience it. I found that by establishing a connection with a person, regardless of their origin, a relationship could be formed. I am a sophomore in high school at Oliver Ames High School in Easton, MA, and though my observation regarding human relations may seem very simple to some, for me it will be life altering. I feel privileged to have obtained the knowledge from the Assembly at such a relatively young age. I would love to return to the Youth Assembly with new ideas, and I encourage all people who want to see change in the world to attend and educate themselves on the challenges that face our society from brilliant and inspiring people.”