Co-President – Molly 

Hi! I’m Molly. I am a rising senior from Ashland, Massachusetts. I’m thrilled to have this position, as Project Green Schools and the National Youth Council have given me so many amazing opportunities and have molded me into more of an articulate environmentalist than I ever thought I could be. And I’m absolutely loving it! In fact, I recently started an initiative to combat idling in my community and as a result of that, have gotten to meet many other passionate environmentalists! This is a busy time, as I’m starting to think seriously about my future, but thanks to Project Green Schools, I am confident that amid all of the uncertainty, whatever I end up doing, I will incorporate my love for helping the environment into it. This year, I can’t wait to work with Rebecca to connect with (and hear ideas from) even more like-minded environmentalists who are excited about what they do, and to come up with some fun ways to put our message out there!

Co-President –  Rebecca 

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, a rising senior at Los Altos High School in Northern California, and I’m so honored and excited to serve as Co-President of the Project Green School’s National Youth Council! As a young woman and student passionate about politics and social entrepreneurship, I have always loved the mission of Project Green Schools–Developing the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders!–and PGS’ commitment to fostering youth education and leadership in tackling issues such as climate change was a primary reason why I chose to get involved in the first place. Therefore, as Co-President of the National Youth Council, I hope to expand Project Green Schools’ mission and influence by recruiting more students to join the council, providing monthly “missions” or “challenges” to Project Green Schools members so that each month a primary goal and projects can be set in place surrounding the monthly “mission,” increase membership involvement and impact, and provide and lead the members of my council in discovering various opportunities they can pursue to make an impactful environmental change in the world. I hope to many organize events and projects with the National Youth Council, and ultimately, provide students and individuals with a greater understanding of environmental issues and solutions.

Vice-President – Ria 

Hi everyone! My name is Ria , and I am a rising junior at Ursuline Academy in Dedham, Massachusetts. I have been apart of Green Schools for many years, including being on the Youth Council for the past two. This year, I have the honor of being the Vice President of the National Youth Council. While working with this organization, I have continually gained a deeper understanding of the importance of cultivating interest among the community to make a green impact on the world. Two years ago, I started a Green Club at my school. Although my school has fewer than 500 students, we were able to grow our club from 25 students to 75! We started with basic projects, such as implementing a recycling program and hosting school-wide competitions to see which grade could recycle the most. As the school year has progressed, we have completed bigger projects such as creating a prayer and peace pollinator garden which not only serves as a space for students to relax and de-stress but also as an outdoor classroom! My goal as this year’s Vice President is to collaborate with the other officers and Youth Council members in order to bring the mission of Project Green Schools to more communities. In addition to this, I hope to work with all of you and be able to help you with your individual projects. I am a firm believer that 1 million starts with 1, so I will work endlessly to help you achieve your own goals whether they be simple or complex. I am beyond excited for the upcoming year, and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!

Secretary –  Harjap

My name is Harjap and I am a student at Princeton Day School in New Jersey and this is my third year with Project Green Schools.  For the past two years I served as Co-President of Project Green Schools’ National Youth Council and will be returning as Secretary this year.  I will be in charge of fundraising efforts to promote both the Youth Council’s and PGS’ programs.  Furthermore, I will also be helping to lead projects centered around the Green Olympics; a one day educational event featuring a series of sustainability competitions in schools across the country.  The goal of the event will be to raise awareness and engage schools and communities in climate education.

Over the past two years as Co-President of the National Youth Council, I worked with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to draft a statewide proclamation that was signed by Governor Murphy, dedicating the week around Earth Day to sustainability education.  This year I plan to working to raise more awareness around Earth Day by helping other Council members in different states pass their own respective proclamations.  Last year I also led a delegation from Project Green Schools at UN Climate Week sponsored by Green Schools conference in New York City.  As a whole, I am very excited for this new school year and cannot wait for what the National  Youth Council is going to achieve!

Communications Officer – Heather 

Hi my name is Heather! I am going into my junior year at Oliver Ames High School in Easton, MA and have been involved with Project Green Schools for about 7 years now. I am very excited to join the Youth Council as the Communications Officer. I am passionate about making the world a better place, especially in our communities, and our oceans. With the help of fellow students, I have been working to implement composting into our school system, as well as starting an environmental club. My goal is to engage more students in order to create a larger awareness towards environmental challenges locally. I am a firm believer that education is the root of change, and that to make a difference it is important to be properly educated and aware of our environment. This summer I have been volunteering at Save the Bay in Newport, Rhode Island, and hope to build a career in marine biology and environmental science. I am looking forward to this year, and experiencing the difference the Youth Council can make first hand!

Climate Week events. One was a private tour of the American Museum of Natural History’s new climate change exhibit, which contained so much fascinating and relevant information on various aspects of climate change. If you’re interested but you can’t make it to New York anytime soon, we’ve posted videos we took of the exhibit on our website. At the event we heard from multiple climate scientists who answered questions from the group, and afterwards I met a kind lady who invited Mrs. Procell and I to an exclusive event that evening, a lecture and panel of some of the country’s leading climate activists discussing Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse climate change. If you’re interested in learning more, the book DRAWDOWN explains the plan and is available for purchase online. Hosted by founder Bill McKibben, the event was extremely informative and inspirational. I learned about so many potential career directions for an aspiring environmentalist, and I’m so grateful that I was able to attend. This trip taught me that there are so many amazing people working tirelessly on what I consider to be the most pressing issues facing the world today, and I am proud to be a part of this noble pursuit.

Research & Awareness Officer – Corey  Hi! My name is Cory, a Junior at Mill Creek HS in Hoschton, Georgia. This year, I am happy to serve as the Research & Awareness Officer. Currently, I am working on extending the reach of the National Green Schools Society/Environmental Club chapter at my school. This not only includes expanding the recycling program at my school, beautifying our school, and planning club events like DIY projects and lake clean-ups, but most importantly, increasing awareness among the student body. It is crucial that as our world becomes more and more developed, people understand the consequences of their actions and also learn how to take care of our Earth. So, as the Project Green Schools Research & Awareness officer this year, I hope to impart some tips on how to live greener and also to talk about various environmental issues. Remember, every little choice makes an impact, so GO GREEN!!

Policy Officer – Saumya

Hello, my name is Saumya and I’m a rising junior from Houston, Texas. My passions lie in public policy and environmental science. Because of this I have always wanted to be part of PGS and the Green Difference community. My interest in speech and debate has allowed me to explore a variety of issues; one of the main ones being problems with our current conservation efforts. I’m really excited to be your new Policy Delegate for this year and hope to create legislative and informative changes in the green difference community.

Green Olympics & Fundraising Officer – Haley

Hi, I’m Haley, a senior who has been working with Project Green Schools for over 12 years. I’ve been honored to represent Project Green Schools at many national events including The White House Climate Literacy Event, Climate Week NYC, HUBWeek, and several Green Difference Awards ceremonies held in the Massachusetts State House.  I was also invited to deliver an address in Puerto Rico and at COP21 where sadly horrific events took place keeping me from spreading our message. This year, I hope to plan fundraisers and large scale school and community-based events to help kickstart the 1st inaugural year of the Green Olympics, a program to engage the next generation in sustainable living in a fun series of competitions and events that we hope to integrate into schools and communities across the country.