National Green Schools Society provides a structured platform for high-achieving, environmentally focused students to create extraordinary impact in schools, organizations, and communities while getting the recognition they deserve on a state and national level. The NGSS program develops bright, civic-minded, environmentally literate citizens. Through NGSS, students will advance their passion for preserving the environment through environmental service projects, leadership, and activism.

Elementary and middle school chapters will work directly with a school advisor to help guide and direct projects and teams. Your goal is to ensure that continuous progress is happening on projects – and if you get into a jam, get stumped on the next move, or find obstacles in your way, you can call us at any time to get perspective, be connected to resources or contacts, or talk to other schools that have had similar experiences. We will funnel information, ideas, and opportunities to keep momentum high and connect you to our network for resources, partnerships, and successful projects.

Here is a brief overview:

NGSS – Elementary is for students in grades 2-5. Grades 2-4 are encouraged to work together as a group on environmental service projects, such as recycling or composting or planning and planting a school garden. These easy-to-implement programs are fun and educational. Grades 2-4 chapter members receive individual certificates and the elementary school receives recognition for its contributions. Grade 5 students are often old enough to start individual projects, help with the younger students, or work as a team to begin a more complex project together. NGSS has specific Grade 5 recognition awards and recognitions.

NGSS – Junior is for students in grades 6-8, or more commonly referred to as middle school. It is common for NGSS – Junior chapters to work as a team on projects, yet many of our members at this age take on individual projects. Members pledge 20 hours of environmental service to their school and community, and are encouraged to do more hours if they work on multiple projects. At this level, the chapter elects two junior officers and fundraising activities are coordinated with the chapter advisor. Chapter members will receive certificates for service with special recognition for members in 8th grade.

This is how to get things started:

NGSS – Virtual is for independent, home-schooled, or non-traditional students in grades 5-12. Students who do not attend a public or private school or are a student that does not have an NGSS chapter at its school can join NGSS – Virtual. Members work independently on projects in their communities or schools and are guided in their work by an advisor from NGSS national. Members attend monthly meetings via conference call or webinar and have access to the same resources as any other chapter. Virtual members receive individual recognition for their work.

Each Chapter receives a detailed NGSS Handbook that includes a sample charter, calendar, scripts for an induction and end of the year ceremony, documents, and sample promotional material. Chapters will also receive members-only access on the website to the NGSS Handbook, documents, and promotional material. Chapters are encouraged to create an online Chapter Profile for other chapters to view. Once you sign up, an email will be sent to you with detailed instructions.

Start your NGSS Chapter today.

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