Our North Atlantic right whale is on the brink of extinction. People across the country are taking action to help save this iconic and majestic species.  Local author Angela Kakabeeke has written a children’s book to engage young people and their parents in actions to help protect the right whale.  Whale Alert! (the book has an exclamation point in title) takes kids on an exciting adventure out at sea.  They will learn about the tools marine biologists use as they search for ways to help ocean animals.

Angela’s concern for the right whale began while living in Savannah, Georgia.  Georgia’s warm waters provide mother whales with good calving grounds. The whale families then swim up the Atlantic coast making their way to rich feeding grounds. Off the Massachusetts coast the glorious whales can be spotted traveling in large pods.

Sadly, their journey is met with many threats, including fishing rope entanglement and ship strikes. As of today only 411 North Atlantic right whales are known to exist.   Each whale has a name and is known by their individual markings. Unfortunately, most have scars from rope entanglement.  The right whale is the most endangered whale in the world.

Researchers at the New England Aquarium and along the East Coast are tracking these whales and working to find ways to protect them. Scientists, citizens and kids are waiting anxiously to see if any calves will be born this winter.

Angela’s book tour is supported by Women Working for Oceans a non-profit organization with a mission to promote healthy and sustainable oceans through education that inspires advocacy and action.  Please visit womenworkingforoceans.org to get involved and learn more.