Attention Students, Educators, Administrators, Parents, Citizens and those looking to transform schools and communities to GREEN spaces.
Now you and your students can watch Project Green Schools, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, American University, the National Youth Council, PGS Alum, Sarah Loftus, who is now working in the Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office, Scenic America, Community Works Institute, One Cat Foundation, and others share best practices, learn about new programs, resources, and opportunities for your school, and hear from thought leaders in the field and the next generation of environmental leaders!
On Friday, October 23, 2020 we were excited to have members from the following states and countries join us for our conference: MA, UT, CA, NC, VT, MI, MD, NH, NY, IL, FL, LA, WA, Guam, Kenya, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Cameroon and Iceland.