Profile PictureGreen Schools is excited to welcome Adriel Bencosme of Solar City to the Board!

Adriel has infused his energy and passion into every industry he has participated in. His passion for helping people has been the backbone to his occupational decisions, which led him to work in the health industry as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor. Adriel has also worked on the marketing side of multiple nutritional companies; creating online content, websites, videos, photos, social media etc.

After coming close to losing his ability to see from a rare disease at age 6, Adriel gained an incredible amount of appreciation for everything he could see and experience. His current position as a Solar Energy Consultant for SolarCity is driven by that same appreciation. Appreciation for the people in our lives and the pale blue dot we call home. There is a brighter future waiting for all of us. Adriel is on a mission to do his part in creating that future