Imagine:  A true, authentic, and FUN STEM challenge that goes completely viral and sweeps the nation, nay the world.  Not only that, but there’s a new one every month!

The purpose of the Viral STEM Challenge is to connect teachers and students with others across the country and to recognize outstanding work.  This program offers a quick ‘idea & solution’ to a given environmental issue which will have to do with a featured “Pathway to Greening Your School.”  Each month, students will receive a Debriefing about a monthly issue and will be issued a Challenge to set course on a mission to come up with a solution that their school will implement to solve the problem.

We want to hear your school’s story about how your improving environmental conditions around your school and/or community.

How It Works:

  1. Engage: Students will become engaged in a prescribed monthly #viralSTEMchallenge that encourages to think creatively to solve that problem at their school or in their community.  They will discuss ideas and plan a solution for how they will tackle the problem of the month at their school/community.
  2. Develop: Students will arrange to make their solution a reality by connecting with teachers, administrators, and any other necessary community leaders that will help in developing a plan of action.
  3. Lead: Students will share their school’s solution via Instagram photos or video using the prescribed monthly hashtag that will be announced at the start of each month.  We’ll be reviewing all submissions and recognizing the best and most creative solutions on our Instagram and other social media platforms.

Best Practices:


  • We want to see you AND your school grounds/classroom. Personalize great landscape photos by including yourself in the shot.
  • Show your school in action – consider taking photos of people and wildlife participating in your project solution.
  • If you can, take the photos in high definition resolution.
  • Make sure your shot is well lit and free of shadows.

  • Set up your shot. If you’re speaking directly into the camera think about choosing a background that will help you tell your story.
  • Make sure your phone has enough storage space.
  • Turn off notifications like texts or alerts to avoid distractions while recording.
  • Make sure your video is well lit and free of shadows.
  • Hold your phone/camera steady.