Click to download full lesson plan Grade Level:  6-12   Objective: 
  • Scenic America Principles of Scenic Conservation #6 – Teach young people to value the visual environment and to create and respect places of beauty.
  • Scenic America Principles of Scenic Conservation #7 – Actively engage business, industry, civic and professional organizations in the movement for a more scenic America.
  • Computer access/Smartboard
  • “Letter to the Senate” worksheet – modify to your state
  • “Parts of a good letter” worksheet – modify to your state
  • Pre-writing worksheet – modify to specify your state
  • “How Will I be Graded” worksheet
  Resources:   Teacher Preparation:
  1. Review the resources listed above and identify appropriate articles for your class to review.
  2. Note: Letter writing campaigns can be used for various issues not limited to billboards, hiding ground wires, or other local scenic conservation issues.
  1. Watch the interview with the director of the documentary “This Space Available” to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of outdoor advertising.
  2. Conduct internet research on billboard laws in your state.
  3. Identify your local and state senators to “address” your letters to.
  4. Review background information provided and additional articles chosen by the teacher.
  5. Each student should review the issues of billboards as visual pollution.
  6. Students should use the pre-writing worksheet to plan their campaign letter.
  7. Students are assessed on their final letter using the rubric provided.