Scenic America preserves and enhances the visual character of America. Scenic America is “the only national nonprofit that helps citizens safeguard the scenic qualities of America’s roadways, countryside and communities.”

Scenic America uses their “Seven Principles of Scenic Conservation” to guide their work. We will focus on four of their principles for the Project Green Schools/Scenic America lesson plans. To read the complete list of principles click here.

Lesson: Philosophical Chairs

Lesson: Mini Lessons

Lesson: Litter in Our Community


Guides and Curricula

ViewFinders:  An online interactive website that teachers students K-5 about visual pollution and its effects on a person’s daily life and character of a city.

Visual Pollution

Exploring Your Community

Lessons About Pollution

Clean Air Projects Elementary school lessons

Clean Air Projects  High school lessons



Geocaching:  Go exploring!

AirVisual:  See in real-time what the quality of the air looks like in your community.



Rails to Trails Conservancy:  Go of the beaten path and get some Vitamin N as you explore the beauty of our natural world.



What is Visual Pollution?

Air Pollution for Kids

The Battle Against Billboards and Visual Pollution

How Bike Lane Design Can Affect Citizen’s Community Choices


Useful Links

Issues Surrounding Scenic Pollution

Billboard/Sign Clutter Case Studies:  Communities have already been successfully combating billboard blight for many decades. With the proper knowledge and support communities have retained control of their local character. The following case studies illustrate steps taken on the local and state level in protecting scenic landscapes, as well as legal obstacles faced by citizens in their own backyards.

Colorado Scenic By-ways

The Truth About Billboards

Highway Beautification Act

Tools for Action:   Evidence-based reason