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ViewFinders:  An online interactive website that teachers students K-5 about visual pollution and its effects on a person’s daily life and character of a city.

Visual Pollution:  A middle school lesson on

Exploring Your Community:

Lessons About Pollution:

Clean Air Projects:  Elementary school lessons

Clean Air Projects:  High school lessons



Geocaching:  Go exploring!

AirVisual:  See in real-time what the quality of the air looks like in your community.



Rails to Trails Conservancy:  Go of the beaten path and get some Vitamin N as you explore the beauty of our natural world.


A Community of Choices:  The above video, Community of Choices, was produced by Scenic America and the Dunn Foundation and narrated by former Scenic America President Edward McMahon. In the video you will learn about all the different choices and options that communities face when deciding how they want to look, and how those choices can affect a community’s quality of life and prosperity in the long run.

What is Visual Pollution?

Air Pollution for Kids

The Battle Against Billboards and Visual Pollution

How Bike Lane Design Can Affect Citizen’s Community Choices

Useful Links

Scenic50 Conference:  In the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s very easy to take for granted the beauty of our natural world.  This website provides a myriad of presentations that discuss the need for billboard control, promoting beautiful highways, and preserving community character.

Issues Surrounding Scenic Pollution

Billboard Clutter Case Studies

Colorado Scenic By-Ways

The Truth About Billboards

Highway Beautification Act

Tools for Action

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