The Touchstone Community School (TCS) in Grafton is a leader in Environmental Education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Guided by their mission, students and staff at the Touchstone Community School “envision communities working together to care for, appreciate, and protect the earth and universe…” In practice this translates to real results. Students cultivate food plants at the school’s greenhouse and garden using school-generated compost and water-conserving rain barrels. The harvest is used for everything from after school snacks to inspiration for young writers to wholesome donations to the local food bank. To complement the work at the premises, TCS has “cultivated” a community link with the Brigham Hill Community Farm in town where students can be seen working even during the summer months! The fauna and flora adjacent to the school are accustomed to curious students in their midst.  As TCS considers the possibility of incorporating solar cells in its campus master plan and as it celebrates its 30th anniversary (nice!) Green Schools wishes TCS all the best and, once again, Congratulations for being a 2012 Green Difference Award winner!