A passionate changemaker with over a decade of service to people and planet, Avalon Jade is dedicated
to empowering others to Conserve It Forward for a sustainable future. Avalon Jade was 7 years old when she first realized she could make positive, effective change. Her efforts resulted in the creation of a non-profit organization. Encouraging the use of kindness and compassion to confront global issues, she has traveled the world to share her message and work alongside others.

Avalon Jade graduated from the University of South Florida in Fall 2020. A member of the Judy Genshaft
Honors College and Provost Scholars Program, she studied Religious Studies, especially its cultural
relationship to nature and food. She believes that when we better understand each other’s foundational
beliefs, we improve our connections and can more effectively collaborate to solve local and global

Her roles have included being VP of Programming for Sigma Kappa, President of the Religious Studies
Club, and Miss University of South Florida. Her academic goals include completing M.A. and Ph.D.
programs that will best equip her for serving her community and inspiring the next generation of
peacemakers. Her collegiate experience reflects the journey of service and academics she has been on
since childhood.

To maintain balance and focus, Avalon practices mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. She is the 2018 USA
Yoga National Youth Champion and in December 2018, won a gold medal and the title of World
Champion of Yoga Sports when she competed in Beijing, China.