My name is Cory, a rising senior from Dacula, Georgia. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity, and I am excited for the year ahead! An avid environmentalist, I love hiking and exploring our national parks, while capturing natural beauty through my camera. My love for the environment has translated into environmental activism. I have had so many opportunities through Project Green Schools and the National Youth Council to not only grow in my passion for the environment, but network with other passionate environmentalists, so I cannot wait to help give back to this organization and help my peers become more active and lead environmental efforts in their own areas.

As climate change and plastic pollution, among numerous other environmental issues, have become critical topics regarding our future, I am excited to see what this group of passionate and talented individuals can accomplish this year, through expanding our awareness efforts and organizing events and projects. In addition, the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown how much of an impact humans have, providing unique opportunities to further assess our impact and for environmental leadership and activism. In addition, the mobilization of people, voices, and stories against racial discrimination has brought to attention environmental racism and how BIPOC are at greater harm in regards to the environment. Over the coming year, despite many of the trials and tribulations we have faced and will continue to deal with in the coming year, we will have opportunities to help create lasting impact in our communities and I am confident that we will be able to progress for a greener future.