Hello, my name is Emory Gun and I am a rising senior from Maryland. This will be my second year with Project Green Schools National Youth Council. During my first year I had the opportunity to work as the Secretary for the National Youth Council and I am so honored and excited to embrace the role of Co-President. Environmental issues that I feel very passionate about are sustainability, minimizing consumer waste via thrifting, and energy conservation. Through Project Green Schools I had the amazing opportunity to present at NYC Climate Week 2020 via Zoom about the benefits of second-hand shopping and the harmful effects of “fast-fashion”. I love being able to learn and work with a council full of people with similar interests. As Co-President, it is my goal to highlight the wide variety of environmental topics in hopes that each council member is able to find what they feel most passionate about and bring it back to their own communities. My experiences with the Youth Council have shown me how much impact young people can have today in making a long-term difference for the future of our planet.