Arjun Desai is a high school junior from Shreveport, Louisiana. This is his third year on Project Green Schools’ National Youth Council, and last year, he served as the News Editor. At the local level, Arjun serves as the president of his school’s environmental advocacy club, or Greens Club. As president of the club, Arjun has collected thousands of beads in a Mardi Gras bead drive for reuse and recycling, which would have otherwise filled Louisiana landfills. Additionally, multiple times each week for the past three years, he has collected paper, plastic bottles, bottle caps, and cardboard for recycling and composting, diverting thousands of pounds of recyclable materials from landfills to more sustainable means. The projects Arjun has been involved in are very diverse; he has been knee-deep in water cleaning trash from the local river and planted gardens in the shape of a butterfly to help with monarch migration. As Vice President of the National Youth Council, Arjun hopes to expand his current projects with indigenous plants and healthy eating.