Carolyn, a junior at the Academy for Mathematics, Science and Engineering, is thrilled to serve on the National Youth Council as Outreach Coordinator for PGS. In her past year with PGS, she’s come to realize that her interests in environmental advocacy influence nearly every part of her life–from hobbies and passion projects to summers and academic pursuits. Whether it’s researching wildfire-induced disruptions to vegetation health with NASA or reducing paper consumption through her environmental nonprofit, A Sustainable Future, Carolyn is committed to bridging the gap between scientific evidence and environmental advocacy. In pursuit of this mission, Carolyn has outreached with industry professionals and legislators alike: inviting Program Directors from the Green Schools Alliance to speak on sustainable peer-to-peer networks, presenting a keynote at the 2023 Scholars for Change Conference, collaborating on We Don’t Have Time’s COP28 Youth Hub, and discussing policy with the NJDEP’s Director of Science and Research. Through doing so, she is proud to raise her voice on the issues that matter most. This year, Carolyn hopes to encourage every member of Project Green Schools on a similar path, to galvanize each one of them to pursue environmental advocacy. She envisions organizing PGS-wide speaker events or conducting 1-1 interviews to strengthen the relationships among the National Youth Council. Until then, she can likely be found reading, eating, or poorly singing Lorde in the backseat of her friend’s car.