Dr. Emily Bretl has been working in the field of education in different capacities for fifteen years including as a middle school science and math teacher, school founder and teacher leader, science specialist, project-based curriculum designer, and environmental educator. She is the founder and managing director of Marram Collaborative, an educational organization working at the intersection of artistry, ecology, and sustainability through ecological curriculum design and teacher empowerment. Dr. Bretl started her career as an environmental scientist and conservation technician and quickly realized her passion for sharing ecological knowledge and cultivating care for the earth and one another through hands-on, project- and place-based education. Many of her interests are found at the intersection of place-based curriculum design, ecological education, educational research, and artistic expression. Dr. Bretl has lived and taught all around the country and world. She currently lives on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, a place that inspires her daily to care for the earth and the people who dwell on this planet.