Each NGSS chapter needs students, an advisor, and support from school or organization administration. More than likely you already have the internal structure in place to add NGSS as a student club. Schools often will add a NGSS chapter as a new club to kick off an environmental club or add NGSS to compliment an existing program. Students, educators, and administrators work together to complete the paper work to get the program up and running. Here are some tips to help you get started.

For students:

For educators:

STEP 1   Complete an online application.

STEP 2  Recruit students
When your NGSS chapter is established, begin the recruitment process of engaging students. Induction to a NGSS chapter is based on environmental stewardship and service, not on academic grade point average. Induction usually takes place in September, but can happen at any time throughout the year once you establish a chapter. While there is an element of scholarship associated with NGSS, the real motivator for students who join is their commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.

Once you sign up and establish a chapter you will receive more information in our Handbook about how to continue your work. 

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