“I wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful event you held last week in Boston. The students actively involved in the process of greening our planet were quite impressive, and it made me feel confident that I can get more young people at our school to join our efforts next year. We already have plans to develop an orchard, more gardening areas, a space for more native plants and grasses and more trees planted which are native to Pennsylvania. We will be working throughout the summer to accomplish these many programs throughout the next school year. Thank you for having Bartram High School as a participant in your awards ceremony. It will enable us to showcase the school in a more positive light. You do an incredible job!”
~Robert Thomas, Bartram High School , speaking about our 2016 Green Schools Summit

“We are very happy to support Green Schools and the important work that they do to teach kids the importance of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. Environmental sustainability is a major priority at Walmart, and we know that this work cannot be done without the partnerships between corporations like ours and local and dedicated organizations like Green Schools.”
~Christopher Buchanan, Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations, Walmart

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robin and Green Schools for the past three years in my capacity as School Construction Coordinator, Architectural Design Reviewer for the State of Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. If you know Robin, you know that she is persistent, hard-working, and driven to make lasting impacts in the field of environmental education. I know firsthand Robin was instrumental in helping Massachusetts institute the U.S. Green Ribbon Schools Awards Program, a program that measures schools and districts Net Impact, Health & Performance, and Environmental Literacy. Not only was Robin instrumental in bringing this program to Massachusetts, I know she is committed to making this program and its practice sustainable for years to come and across New England and across our Nation.”
~Joseph Paul da Silva, NCARB, REFP, School Construction Coordinator, State of Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

“In my capacity as Executive Director for NAAEE, a leader in promoting excellence in Environmental Education throughout North America, I have had the opportunity to observe Robin and Green Schools work firsthand. NAAEE loves following Green Schools work over social media and when we have the opportunity to collaborate. I believe Robin fully understands and exemplifies the message of Wendell Berry when he says, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” Robin is an active, committed, collaborative innovator in the field of EE. I look forward to years of innovative EE program development and collaboration with Robin and with all of the organizations and Environmental Educators she touches. I really admire all that Robin has done for the field of Environmental Education and I can’t wait to see what else she and Green Schools develop next!”
~Judy Braus, Executive Director, North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

“Where do I start to tell you about the environmental education that Robin Organ is so dedicated in bringing to K-12 students of today? Well, I think I will start with the past. Since 5th Grade, my child, Ian, has wanted to make an impact on saving the environment and making positive changes in the world. When they were in 7th Grade, Ian was fortunate enough to be introduced to Robin Organ. That is when Ian became involved in the Green Schools organization. This meeting was the jump start they needed to realize that everyone counts when trying to make environmental changes in the world. Since then, Robin has been very supportive of all Ian’s environmental efforts and initiatives as she has grown. This past year Ian improved the Garden at Algonquin Regional High School. As they were trying to figure out compost solutions, Ian’s first instinct was to email Robin to get her input about ideas and ways they would make the compost problem, a solution.

Robin’s dedication to education initiatives and education of school aged children K-12 and beyond, is true dedication. Robin has created programs directed at K-12 aged students to help them better understand how their actions impact the environment. Robin has consistently dedicated her efforts towards Green Schools and growing the organization to include a charter that encompasses education at all levels. When Ian and I were first involved with Green Schools, Ian was one of the youngest Green Schools Student Ambassadors. Today, however, there are hundreds of students from elementary to high school who regularly attend Green Schools meetings and events. These same students are not shy about voicing their own personal goals (whether creating lunch bags out of recycled juice boxes, or finding new ways to use polystyrene) in making The Green Difference.

Personally, Robin helped Ian set up their first Environmental Fair at Trottier Middle School, and also came to the school to teach students about the hazards of chemicals in their home, school, and even in cosmetics. Robin provided formal resources to the teachers for them to keep in the classroom as reference long after the training sessions were completed. Robin has also grown Green Schools to have interesting Student Council meetings where key environmental ideas are taught from Solar Cells and how they work, to organic gardening and the importance of chemical free solutions for pests, fertilizer as well as water conservation efforts. Robin has always been dedicated to creating diverse and multifaceted ways to teach environmental ideas to students using a hands-on approach, question and answer time, as well as explaining the ideas in ways that all ages of students can understand and process.

In the six years I have known Robin, she has shown her dedication and passion for Green Schools and the education initiatives that the organization began with. She has been recognized by several governmental agencies as a leader in environmental initiatives and education, and as any good educator, she is proud of the students she has working in her organization and their efforts towards making a better tomorrow. Robin has taken her grassroots organization with wonderful ideas and grown it into a nationally recognized and respected organization that is a leader in teaching K-12 students the importance of making The Green Difference. As Ian graduates from high school this year, they plan on continuing education in Environmental Science/Biology and making an environmental difference in the world. Ian has certainly learned a lot and benefited from Robin Organ’s teachings.” ~
Kim Rizzitano, Parent

“Robin Organ’s leadership as Executive Director for Green Schools has been critical in the development of environmental focused projects, providing students with opportunities to explore and expand on both STEM and environmental initiatives. As a professional colleague, I am continually impressed with Robin’s ability to collaborate effectively with a variety of stakeholders, implementing strategies that actually have a significant impact on students and their education. She is a strong communicator in small groups and through presentations, as well as through social media. As I work with communities and educators, I have yet to meet another person more committed to sustainability and student development in our schools. As Robin continues to build out the opportunities for students through Green Schools Programs, it is clear that she fully understands the value of Environmental Education and how to help students fully access and utilize initiatives. I am honored to work with Robin and believe that her commitment to Environmental Education is evident in her accomplished track record of impact. “
~Travis Estes, Sr. Director of Operations at Next Step Living