* Also U.N. Sustainable Development Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Read More

** Denotes Scenic Conservation Pathway

Guides and Curricula

Sustainable America – I Turn It Off – Anti-Idling Toolkit

Green Education Foundation Sustainable Transportation Units

Sustainable Transportation for all levels

Build a rubber band car

Build a hover craft

Build a balloon car

Make a mousetrap car

H2 Educate

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Posters

Cell Wall Chemistry of Biofuel

ViewFinders:  An online interactive website that teachers students K-5 about visual pollution and its effects on a person’s daily life and character of a city.**

Visual Pollution**

Exploring Your Community**

Lessons About Pollution**

Clean Air Projects Elementary school lessons**

Clean Air Projects  High school lessons**

Idling Reduction Toolkit


Smart Ride Inc. – empowers your commute by providing real-time arrivals and alerts for many major North American transit agencies.

Geocaching:  Go exploring!**

AirVisual:  See in real-time what the quality of the air looks like in your community.**


Cities in Motion Cities in Motion (CIM) is a city-based mass transportation simulator for the PC. Players operate their own transportation company, building a public network with a variety of vehicle types, including buses, trams, and subway trains.

Rails to Trails Conservancy:  Go of the beaten path and get some Vitamin N as you explore the beauty of our natural world. **


What is Visual Pollution?**

Air Pollution for Kids**

The Battle Against Billboards and Visual Pollution**

How Bike Lane Design Can Affect Citizen’s Community Choices**

Let’s Talk About Illegal Idling series

Useful Links

Ecoxplorer – Travel Green, Drive Green, Save Green

Walk and Bike to School – National Bike to School day and many resources

Fuel Economy – The official U.S. government source for fuel economy information

The Rails to Trails Conservancy

Fuel Efficiency of different transports by MPG

Google Transit

Carbon Offset calculator

Mapmyride – Plan, track, analyze and share your journey with MapMyRide


How Electric Cars Work

How hybrids Work

NASA’s Beginners Guide to Rockets

The Beginner’s Guide to Driving Electric Cars

Issues Surrounding Scenic Pollution**

Billboard/Sign Clutter Case Studies:  Communities have already been successfully combating billboard blight for many decades. With the proper knowledge and support communities have retained control of their local character. The following case studies illustrate steps taken on the local and state level in protecting scenic landscapes, as well as legal obstacles faced by citizens in their own backyards.**

Colorado Scenic By-ways**

The Truth About Billboards**

Highway Beautification Act**

Tools for Action:   Evidence-based reason**

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